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Sam Levin is the business development team lead at Bucket Listers, a company that plans and promotes fun events geared towards 25 to 35 year olds. In 2021, Sam lived and worked remotely in San Miguel, Mexico so that he could check off learning Spanish from his personal bucket list. Prior to working at Bucket Listers, he worked as a business development and enterprise sales associate at B&H photo in New York City.  During his college years, Sam did several internships in public relations and marketing for companies such as IHeartMedia, Mekky Media Relations, and mitú. He also worked as an intern for Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Hospital. In his free time Sam enjoys practicing and teaching mindfulness as well as running marathons. Sam got his B.A. in broadcast journalism from University of Maryland in 2019. 


  • What Bucket Listers is and how Sam got his start there (4:28)

  • How Sam juggled learning Spanish in Mexico while working remotely for Bucket Listers (6:45)

  • What Sam does in his role as a business development team lead at Bucket Listers (12:12)

  • How Sam transitioned from a journalism major to working in business development (14:56)

  • What Sam views as the key differences between sales and business development (16:55)

  • How Sam landed four internships during his college and what he learned from them (23:30)

  • Why Sam believes a confident mindset is critical during an internship (27:45)

  • What mindfulness means to Sam and what he teaches his own students (31:28)


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