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Laurie Palau is an organization expert. She’s the author of the book Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized, the founder and CEO of Simply B Organized, and the host of the podcast This Organized Life. But she didn’t always know she’d become a clutter-cleansing guru. When Laurie was doing her undergrad at Rider college in Communication and Political Science, she thought she wanted to be a political speech writer in Washington. But late in her senior year, she took an internship with Rolling Stone Magazine in the Advertising department and fell in love with New York City. She decided to move to New York without much of a career plan, and worked odd jobs to make ends meet as she searched for her mystery dream job. Before finding it, Laurie began working as an Executive Recruiter, and stayed in the industry for about 15 years. Since then, she’s become a Board Member at Girls on the Run and discovered her passion for simplicity and organization. Today she works with clients and gives talks on overcoming the different types of clutter that hold people back. She also mentors and partners with other professional organizers to grow the Simply B Organized community.


  • How to tell the difference between different kinds of clutter: physical, emotional, and calendar
  • How to figure out which type is holding you back
  • How to be creative with tiny spaces in a dorm room or apartment
  • How to time block to be more efficient with your time
  • How to improve your productivity with something called Evernote (it’s a digital notebook)
  • What it means to suck at ‘retrieval time’

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