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Michael Dickinson is a clinical psychologist doing online therapy with the company, ifeel. He is based in Lisbon, Portugal but since the pandemic has been treating patients all over the world. Michael is also a storyteller who writes weekly fictional stories about people who are dealing with a variety of emotional difficulties. Over the past decade, Michael has worked in hospitals and foster care, as well as having done clinical work and corporate work. Michael got his master’s degree in clinical psychology at ISPA in Lisbon.  


  • What entry-level jobs and internships exist for students who want to break into clinical therapy (7:01)
  • What are the most useful hard and soft skills to have in this field (8:20)
  • Whether you’re undergraduate major matters if you want to get into clinical psychology (10:10)
  • What the best part of being a clinical psychologist is (14:30)
  • Why abandoning common sense is the best career advice Michael ever received (18:09)
  • Why to check out HBO’s show In Treatment to learn more about what this work is really like
  • If you want to learn more about what Michael does in his job as a clinical psychologist and how he built his career listen to T4C episode #727

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