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Adam Broda is a senior manager of product in the tech industry. He started out his career working at Boeing as a tooling engineer and by the time he left had been promoted to a senior production engineering manager.  After Boeing, Adam pivoted to work at Amazon as the senior manager of wellness technology. He is also the founder of Broda Coaching which helps people land tech and non-tech roles in the technology industry. Adam got a BS in electrical engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University.  


  • Why you should talk to people in jobs you think you’d like before you start seriously job searching (5:12)
  • What kinds of job tracks you can explore with an engineering degree (6:58)
  • Why finding your passion requires experimenting  (11:10)
  • What Adam does as a Senior Manager of Product Management in tech (13:10)
  • What a typical day is like for Adam as a Senior Manager of Product Management (19:17)
  • What does skip-level mean (21:03)
  • How Boeing was different than working at Amazon (23:22)
  • Why did Adam switch from aerospace to tech (26:43)
  • Why there’s no point in trying to overly control the next 5 years of your life (30:31)
  • How Adam transferred his skills from Boeing to Amazon (32:46)
  • If you’re interested in learning more about how to break into PM in tech listen to Adam’s Espresso Shots interview T4C Episode #937


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