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Hana Ben-Shabat is the founder of Gen Z Planet –  a research and advisory firm dedicated to helping companies learn more about connecting with Generation Z.  Gen Z  are those young people born between 1998 and 2016.  For most of her professional life,  Hana was a partner and board member of the Global Management Consulting firm, AT Kearney with a focus on organizational effectiveness. She was named one of the top 25 consultants by Consulting Magazine for her thought leadership in retail. Hana is also the author of Gen Z 360: Preparing for the Inevitable Change in Culture, Work, and Commerce.  She is a speaker and commentator on Gen Z trends and consumer behaviors. 


  • Who are Gen Z (3:27)
  • How Hana got interested in Gen Z (7:20)
  • How does Gen Z differs from other generations (9:12)
  • How Hana landed her first job at a startup (15:07)
  • Why Hana pursued an MBA in Europe (15:52)
  • How Hana landed a job in consulting at AT Kearney (18:55)
  • What a management consultant does (22:21)
  • What made Hana start her own firm (23:41)
  • Why soft skills are even more necessary in today’s work force for Gen Zers (26:05)
  • Why most Gen Zers feel unprepared going into the workforce (29:02)
  • What is the biggest asset Gen Zers have that they take for granted  (31:05)
  • How lesser known companies often have greater opportunities and more stability (35:27)
  • What industries are overlooked by Gen Zers (38:58)
  • Why you shouldn’t put time constraints on your achievements (40:42)
  • How Hana’s failure to get into medical school led to her future career (43:51)
  • Why college students should relax and enjoy where they are right now (46:18)

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