Growing up, people are exposed to a variety of “normal” jobs/careers; everyone’s heard of doctors, lawyers and teachers. But, what about those jobs that just don’t get enough publicity? Like a professional iceberg mover or a dog food taste tester…

Here’s a list — in no particular order– of the Top 5 Most Random Professions:

  • Professional Mourner: A career most common in Asia and Africa, a professional mourner is exactly what it sounds like. Men or women are hired by someone to attend the funeral of their loved one. The mourners are instructed to be kind and respectful, despite being strangers to the deceased, so there is rarely an issue in that regard. Rent A Mourner— a company located in England– rents out hired mourners at a rate of $70 for 2 hours. Not a bad gig!
  • Dog surfing instructor: Love dogs? Love surfing? How about surfing with dogs? Well, this is the perfect job for you. The Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego has started the Sup and Surf Dog lessons to fund animal care in Southern California. An instructor can coach both a dog and their owner on the basics of surfing and then take them out into the ocean to ride some waves! Each session costs $45, so you get to earn the bucks while playing with pups!
  • Professional Snuggler: This job hails from Japan, but has recently become popular in the US, as well. It, too, is exactly what it sounds like. A typical snuggler charges about $60 per 1 hour session and can have multiple clients a day and each week. Most make it 100% clear that the service is not sexual in nature; it is about providing comfort to those who suffer from PTSD, are recently widowed, etc. This job keeps you in your comfort zone.
  • Snake Milker: These brave souls are tasked with extracting venom from extremely poisonous snakes, like cobras and rattlesnakes. This venom is often used to create antivenoms used in laboratories and hospitals. One gram of toxic venom can be sold for up to $1,000. So if the risk is worth the reward to you, sign up!
  • Golf Ball Diver: Have you ever wanted to swim in those elusive golf course ponds? Really? Well, this is the perfect job for you! These divers need to be certified, professional divers with CPR and First Aid Certifications. They also need to have good vision and be employed by the golf course they’re diving for. If you’re up for these processes, well sounds good!

Julia Pekala (Class of 2019 at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School)


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