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Montana State University-Bozeman

B.A., Film and Marketing



Career Path

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Best Career Advice

“Regardless of what you’re doing, I don’t care what your industry is, also take a business class, also take an entrepreneurial class. If you can find something around design thinking and critical problem solving, take that class. They say that this next generation will have seven jobs and five don’t exist yet. And they’ve found that there are a series of skill sets that you’ll need if you’re going to thrive within those jobs that don’t yet exist. And they include self care and mindfulness and time management and fiscal literacy and critical problem solving.”

Career Challenge

“My house was being threatened with foreclosure because I couldn’t pay my bills because I had made a decision to stop doing everything else I was doing to make a living and really double down on Hatch, which was a nonprofit was not able to pay my salary. And so I just didn’t take salary for a couple years and didn’t have enough saved up to be able to do that. And so that was a real tough decision, but also it was really based on having enough faith in my own kind of grit and fortitude and also intention. Your intention in the world guides a lot. And if you are leading from a place of selflessness and really wanting to do the right thing, and I know that sounds kind of corny, but I think that the universe and the people around you will see that and will help assist in making that happen.”


Entrepreneurship, Film Production, Social Networking

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