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University of Missouri - Kansas City

M.B.A., Business Administration

University of Missouri - Kansas City

B.A., Economics



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Sometimes it’s helpful to not jump from that undergrad to that grad degree because you need to go get that real life experience.”

Career Challenge

“There are contracts for containers of coffee, even for my own clients that have agreements with me, that their business is off so substantially some of them, 60, 70, 80%, that they will default on the contracts, which means that the farmer has coffee sitting in there and they’re not going to get paid for it. And they didn’t sell it to someone else because they thought it was paid for But my first thought is how I’ve let the producers down and that could be devastating to them. And so my last four months have been on the phone, on Skype, on Zoom, whatever, trying to place those defaulted-on containers in new homes and not take a major financial loss for the producer. So it’s a significant amount of Coffee containers … But … just by being proactive, we’re probably 75% there, rehoming those containers of coffee … It’s been very tough, very, very tough, but those are my relationships … so we’re getting it done.”


Strategy, Business Planning, Coffee

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