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Vassar College

B.A., English



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“There are no borders here. For me, to be able to think really big, not just in the context of being in this company, but just the context in life, that there are no borders you can build. And really try to strive for anything you set your mind on, and really be persistent about it to accomplish your goals that might seem unattainable.”

Career Challenge

“When I was an agent with IMG … there was one time where one person who was a female who was just starting out … was given the same title that I had, even in spite of all the experience that I brought when I came to IMG … and that really just ticked me off … I ended up just really retreating and siloing myself, going to my office, pouring everything I could into all of my clients, but really not engaging with my coworkers like I should and almost even just being a little curt with the female that was getting bigger opportunities. And I looked back and I said that wasn’t her fault in terms of her getting these opportunities Especially now, it’s so important for women to empower other women and to be more collaborative, more supportive and encouraging.”


Media Pitches, Negotiation, New Business Development

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