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Georgia State University

B.A. Business Administration, Finance & Financial Management Services

Northwestern University

M.A. Executive Management for Design and Construction, Design and Construction


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You should lean into your strengths, kind of put your passion on pause, lean into your strengths.”

Career Challenge

“In 2008 and 2009, that was a really tough recession or for anyone who worked in the real estate, not just a recession. I had to go through that at a young age. Then I also had, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the time. So I had foreclosures, bankruptcy notices and everything. The mindset was like, what do I do? So quitting is not an option. And winning is not visible. What do you actually do? We just actually truly fight.”


Financial Analysis, Business Valuation, Strategic Planning, Finance, Real Estate, Budgeting, Consulting

Professional Interests

Soccer, Real Estate, Construction Expert, Entrepreneurship

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