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Harvard University

B.A., East Asian Studies

Harvard Business School




Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Talk to people! People are so willing to talk to college students or young people, even if you don’t go to college people want to be helpful to others.”

Career Challenge

I had to do, it was run a report or do a study about what if we acquired an adult movie channel, which is basically porn … I felt super uncomfortable. I talked to someone at the office about it and I’m like, ‘I really do not believe in this’ … I think that when you’re young and you’re asked to do things — people now are much better about it, [I learned how to] stand up for things that I did not believe in and felt uncomfortable with, I ended up applying to business school because of that.”


Education, Language Training, Cultural Exchange

Professional Interests

Culture, Academia, Travel, Entrepreneurship


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