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University of Pennsylvania

B.A., International Relations, Spanish


M.A., Public Policy


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“[In my career] I think having intellectual curiosity is always helpful because there’s just a natural appetite to learn and really dig in and, and understand the issues in a quick amount of time, which is required depending on the role.”

Career Challenge

I would say my career has been a series of ups and downs … I would say perseverance is the key is just to keep going and keep pursuing what you think is the right path for you … but there are definitely times where it seemed as if it was doomed to fail and it wasn’t going to happen. It’s really important to have a good support system and network too … you can draw on your own tools and resilience and so forth, but have other people who can encourage you … when you you’re down a bit.”


Foreign Policy, Communication, National Security

Professional Interests

Foreign Relations, Advising, Travel

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