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Thomas Edison State University

B.A., Economics

Florida Atlantic University

M.A., Economics

Pardee RAND Graduate School

Ph.D., Economics


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

As a political conservative in his field, Arthur was worried about his career trajectory. His mentor, political scientist James Q. Wilson, told him: “Be twice as productive and four times as nice as the liberals.”

Career Challenge

“10 years ago, when I came in as president of AEI, I was a college professor. I was just a guy in professorial obscurity, beavering away writing really esoteric academic journal articles, like genetic algorithms and public economics. It’s super fun. It was good. And I wind up getting drafted for this very public job, it’s got a lot of TV, and it’s got a lot of speeches. And this is really super new to me, by the way, hundreds of employees, I’d never had even one employee in my life. And we were in debt. I mean, we were running a deficit, which means I had to cut costs 16% my first 60 days on the job, all of this together, it was hell.”



Professional Interests

American Enterprise Institute, LinkedIn Guide to Networking

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