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DePaul University

B.S., Commerce

University of Illinois Chicago

M.A., Social Work



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“As long as you keep pushing and trying to learn, trying to figure out what you’re good at and pursuing your skillset, then that will lead you in the right direction.”

Career Challenge

I needed to quit my job. There were some management issues. There were role and fit issues. Maybe if I was on a different team with a different manager, things would have gone very differently. But I remember sitting in a coffee shop the day before I quit. I wasn’t going to tell my family because they really just wanted me to have a stable job. My father’s an entrepreneur too. But anyway, I was sitting there and I wasn’t going to tell him, but I had a buddy with me and I was kind of freaking out. I was like, should I do this? Shouldn’t I do it? What’s going to happen? … What’s going to happen? And I remember I was told I was committing career suicide at the time and it hit really hard, it almost stopped me from doing it. But I had a buddy who turned to me and he goes, “Let it go.””


Career Counseling, Curriculum Development, Career Education

Professional Interests

Growth, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring

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