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Harvard University


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“If you want to be in journalism—I fully embrace the alternative new media, digital media landscape—I think it’s very important to have an experience in a traditional newsroom at some point, so that you can internalize how a newsroom works and all aspects of it. And then you can take that out and innovate.”

Career Challenge

“I always felt that I was extremely well-intentioned, worked very hard, gave it 150%, opened my veins for the job, did what they asked, and I was constantly coming up against ‘no,’ and ‘you’re not ready for that, you can’t do that, that’s not for you.’ It was constantly coming up against these ‘no’s’ that … I sort of catalyzed every ‘no’ into a ‘well I’ll show you’ and ‘I’m gonna make it and I’m gonna do it a different way and I’ll find another route and I’m just going to keep going’ … Decide what you want. Be very clear. Spend your time thinking hard about what you want, and then don’t be shy about asking for it. And then do what they ask you to do as long as it aligns with your integrity.”


Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Broadcast Journalism

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