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Cornell University

B.A., Asian Studies

Yale University

M.A., East Asian Studies

The University of Pennsylvania

M.B.A., Finance and Entrepreneurial Management


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Think about what are the transferable skills that you’ll be able to pick up and learn in your educational process … I think writing is not the only one, but it’s definitely an important one. I highly recommend that you focus on your writing, focus on just general communication skills.”

Career Challenge

I had always done very well, scored highly on my annual review. And all of a sudden I got a review that was not so great and I was very upset … So I turned to several of my mentors and sponsors at my firm for advice. And what I learned from that was a few things, first of all, you need to, over-communicate what you’re doing and the impact that you’re having. I realized that I wasn’t even doing that. If I were to be totally honest, I wasn’t communicating enough about what I was exactly tuning and the impact that he was having. So that would be one lesson.”



Marketing, Communication, Writing

Professional Interests

Culture, Travel, Writing

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