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Yale University

Engligh with a minor in Environmental Studies


Career Path

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“If you love something enough to know that you wanna keep keep doing it, you just have to expect some rejection and some failure and not take it quite so seriously.”

Career Challenge

I got an assignment from the New York Times magazine, which was really prestigious. And I was feeling quite pleased with myself and I worked really hard on it and they ended up throwing it, and that’s just something that happens in this industry, but I was devastated. I had told my friends, I was writing an article for the New York Times magazine. Then all of a sudden, I was not anymore. I think at that point I could have just given up and said, this field is too hard. It doesn’t feel good to be rejected. I don’t want to do this anymore… I actually think part of what built resilience in me was the fact that I was spending so much time outside.”

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