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Princeton University

B.A., English Literature



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Best advice to anybody who wants to be a performer in the expressive sense is to just to live, to experience life, to allow yourself to actually experience everything, because that will grow your imagination, which is where our reserves come from.”

Career Challenge

“Two and a half years ago, my husband died and he had been struggling with a number of health issues for the majority of the time that we were together. And so I was the breadwinner, there was a lot of anxiety that surrounded work and having to get work and having to pay, so I quit auditioning for regional theater when he was initially diagnosed because getting a regional theater job meant I had to go out of town for two sometimes three months at a time. And I didn’t feel that I could do that with him sick.”


Shakespeare, Theater, Acting, Stage, Drama, Singing, Recording, Entertainment, Performing Arts, Film, Audio Recording, Voice Over, Voice Acting, Teaching English as a Second Language, Improvisation, Audio Books, Books, Leadership Training

Professional Interests

Scholastic, Macmillan, Hachette Book Group, Alumni Association of Princeton University, Audiobook Industry Professionals, Audiobook Narrators, Princeton University

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