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University of Michigan


Class of 1974
Wayne State University

M.D., Medicine

Class of 1978
Emory University - Goizueta Business School

MBA, International Business

Class of 1994


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Do you want to be right … or do you want to be successful? And I think too early in life, I wanted to be right … whereas later in life, you realize to bring about these big systematic changes, you have to be effective.”

Career Challenge

“I moved to Savannah and I was the head of the women’s and children’s hospital. And it was a dream job for me … It was part of a bigger organization and the leadership of the bigger organization allowed the whole system to get into financial trouble … I built a really good relationship with the donors in that community and now it looked like I was going to have to completely uproot. And I did. And I came up here to what was then Carolina’s healthcare system. I went into an adult hospital … It wasn’t my passion … Some leaders in the community had gotten together and they felt like this was the right community to apply for this multimillion dollar grant in health, informatics, and pophealth. And they said, ‘but we need somebody that’s a card carrying academic that knows their way through HHS at NIH. Would you be the PI of this $16 million grant?’ Well, all of a sudden the woe is me over the previous 12 months faded, because here was this terrific opportunity just dropped in my lap … So what I thought was a downturn and what I thought was negative ended up being probably one of the biggest boost for my career and one of my best opportunities.”


Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Healthcare Information Technology

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