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Brown University

B.S. Neuroscience and African Studies

Brown University Medical School



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Be open-minded, that’s the one thing that I learn because in family practice, you do a little bit of everything in your training, you do pediatrics, you do surgery, you will be a GYN, internal medicine, do psychiatry. And you know, you see all of these different fields, but I never thought to, like I said, look outside the box and be open-minded and just have comments and stay to myself a lot easier and meet all of these things.”

Career Challenge

“I’ve always wanted to be the top or whatever. I’m the top of a person, I’m the top. So, you know, so since kindergarten, my mom says, and I’ll never forget my first medical board between first and second year of med school did not go as planned. And I thought my life was over. I pick myself up, dust myself off, and the next time, 95th percentile, because it just shows you, you had to persevere to get anywhere in life.”


Functional Medicine, Neuroscience, Medical Research, Investigation, Healing

Professional Interests

Genetics, Lyme Disease, Environmental Toxicity, Methylation Disorders, Morgellons Disease 

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