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Northwestern University

B.S., Radio/TV/Film



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.”

Career Challenge

I’ve talked a lot about working at Lucasfilm, but to be honest, there were times there that I felt like I was coasting. And I was just in what some people call like a velvet prison, where this is a great job and I can’t believe I have this job, but I’m not challenging myself. I’m not feeling challenged. So I made a difficult decision to leave that place because it was comfortable.”


Visual Effects, Animation, Maya, Film, Commercials, Computer Graphics, Compositing, Film Production, Feature Films, Character Animation, Lighting, Social Media Marketing, Storyboarding, After Effects, Storytelling, Teaching, Cinematics, Human Relationship

Professional Interests

Bill Gates, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Satya Nadella, PlayStation, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Animation Studios, TEA (Themed Entertainment Association), Media Based Attractions and Rides, Theme Park & Attractions: Networking Industry Leaders, Northwestern University, Y Combinator, Academy of Art University

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