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Washington University in St. Louis

B.A., Political Science

Boston College Law School

J.D., International Law and Legal Studies


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You become a CEO, or even if you’re just starting out, and someone asks you something that maybe you’re not comfortable with, or maybe you feel that you don’t have enough information to answer or to make the best decision, then just say ‘let me think about that. I’ll get back to you.’ And do be timely with that, but even just another five minutes to do a little bit of research or a day to think about it will lead you to make a much better decision.”

Career Challenge

Right when they were starting out as a farming group, they had a well-known big importer who was going to buy their coffee. Just as they were about to ship it, the price of coffee crashed and the importer said the coffee didn’t taste good, though other people who had tasted the samples said it was excellent. After speaking with professionals, Weiner realized the importer didn’t want to be stuck with expensive coffee since the price had just crashed. Weiner didn’t want to fail, so every night he wrote to ever single roaster he could find. He was able to find roasters to buy the coffee and they loved it. They decided that their model would be to work with roasters, which Weiner said made them stronger in the long run. “We almost went bankrupt and failed, but we were able to turn it around through very, very hard work and perseverance.”


Government, Foreign Policy, Public Policy

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