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Harvard University

B.A., Government



Career Path

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“I would say networking is not just something that happens. It’s something that you should be really deliberate about starting.”

Career Challenge

I love failures. I had them across all of my jobs in ways that were really instrumental in me building. I mean, I’ll give you one at treasury … early on as a new speech writer, I’m working with Secretary Gardner who is about to speak before Obama at some event around rescuing the auto industry. I didn’t know exactly how he wanted stuff. I didn’t know exactly what the auto package was and all that. And so I thought I did a really good job of putting together some talking points. And on Sunday morning, I get an email from his personal aide out to a whole group of people, not just me, but all my bosses saying this is not anything close to what he wants. Like he wants you to know who among you feels like this is something that is right for him to say. And I just remember, okay, I’m going back into work today … I messed up in a big way, but not knowing anything other than to go and fix it. And in fixing it, I uncovered all these good learnings about how to get stuff to him, how he wants to talk about stuff, how to make sure it matches with what others are going to talk about, what it means when he’s speaking before the president and how that bar is different.”


Project Management, Volunteering

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Communication, Writing, Advising

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