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Emily Hughes is Marketing Lead for Mobilize, the events management and volunteer recruitment platform designed to connect organizations and their supporters. She is a self-described growth marketing specialist and business strategist. Emily started her career as an Account Coordinator at PR firm Hager Sharp before moving to American Express Publishing (now Meredith), where she started working in marketing as an assistant (later an associate) marketing manager and in audience development. Subsequently, Emilyf worked for Goop as the director of audience development for almost a year. She has also worked as a consultant as the head of social media and strategic partnerships for FOND Group, the head of growth for The Helm and co-founded Loup Digital, where she also worked as an audience development specialist. Finally, she has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Communications from Villanova University.


  • What the marketing lead does at Mobilize (6:12)
  • How she works to generate interest online and on social media (13:27)
  • How this summer’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations have affected the Mobilize business strategy (16:49)
  • The difference between marketing and growth marketing (19:46)
  • What a typical day is like for Emily in her current role (21:10)
  • How to combat experiencing imposter syndrome at work (25:05)
  • How aggressive networking led to Emily’s first two jobs out of school (28:01)
  • How extracurriculars in school, like writing and theater, can help your career development (32:06)
  • Why she would go to graduate school later in her career if she could go back and do it all over again (43:39)
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