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Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service

B.S., International Politics


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Find a way to identify where those interests in human rights and in social justice work intersect with a field that’s developing and changing, because that way you’ll be able to have an impact on those issues you care about forever and in a space that really needs experts.”

Career Challenge

“I’ve had a couple of instances in which I either identified an opportunity for a publication or I supported writing a paper or I helped to bring a
speaker to our organization that ultimately I didn’t end up getting credit for, or wasn’t listed as an author on certain papers that I’ve written. I was considered a ghost writer for something when I actually knew I was the one who did the work and had expected to be recognized for that.
And it’s something I really struggle with at a really personal level, to understand when it’s appropriate and necessary to advocate for myself in those situations and when it’s just the norm. And I think it’s also really challenging to disentangle some of the gender and age dynamics there of saying, you know, am I being passed over for this opportunity because I’m young or because I’m a woman or do I need to be more direct or more vocal in advocating for my representation in this? And I think that those stand out as some of the most challenging moments in my career, because they didn’t feel like they just impacted my professional life. They really felt like they impacted my identity and really challenged the ways that I operate in the ways that I work.”


International Relations, Research, Human Rights

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