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California State University, Stanislau


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

I would advise anybody that I coach to really think through all of the resources that they have at their disposal. There’s so many things that people can do for themselves if they just open up that level of inquiry.”

Career Challenge

“Both times that I’ve been working on these book projects, it’s been difficult for me because I’ve had to use some of my lesser strengths. My top strengths are gratitude, social intelligence, I really enjoy working with other people. And in the book writing process, you spend a lot of hours by yourself pouring over data and research and going over the manuscript, crossing every t dotting every i. And a lot of prudence has to be used in this process. Prudence is one of my lower strengths. So I’ve found myself having to really pull that strength forward.”


Leadership Development, Executive Development, Executive Coaching, Consulting, Business Strategy, Instructional Design, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Career Development, Facilitation, Feedback


Professional Interests

Bill Gates, Chester Elton, Brené Brown, Deloitte, PwC, EY, The International Coaching Federation, Columbia Business School

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