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Vanguard University


Oral Roberts University




Career Path

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Best Career Advice

“Mental hygiene is just as important as washing your hands.”

Career Challenge

I have two flaws. One of them is I hate conflict, and the other one is I like it when people like me. And now all of a sudden, I’ve worked so hard to get into medical school and through my residency and now I have all these people hating me because I want to look at the brain. So for about four years, it really unbalanced me.”


Psychiatry, Treatment, Mental Health, Clinical Research, Neuroscience, Psychology, Wellness, Nutrition, Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Healing, Family Therapy, Medicine, Stress Management, Public Speaking, Neuroimaging, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


Professional Interests

Daniel Burrus, Bill Gates, Kevin O’Leary, US Army, Amazon, Harvard Business Review, IPA International Psychoanalytical Association – Group, Psychologs Magazine, Biofeedback, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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