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While job prospects for today’s college graduates have improved in the last decade, since the Great Recession of 2008, securing a job out of college remains a challenge for many graduating seniors, like me. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the nation’s full-time employment rate for recent graduates hovers around 58%.  That means 2/3rd of us remain unemployed or under-employed. To address this problem, and provide graduating college seniors with additional caffeinated career advice, Time4Coffee held its first ‘Caffeinated Career Mini-Summit’ on April 17th at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Around 60 students gathered in Knight Hall’s Eaton Theater with standing room only.  The summit offered real talk, helpful career hacks and open mic Q & A with 10 seasoned professionals in various fields. The 90-minute event featured two panels, moderated by Chief Java Junkie Andrea Koppel. The first panel was entitled: “Why Entry-Level Jobs Don’t Suck & How To Crush Yours When You Land It”.
For aspiring writers and news aficionados, breaking into the field of journalism can look and feel like a formidable feat. If this sentiment applies to you, you’re not alone. The barriers to entry in the journalism profession dissuade many students and young professionals from following a traditional news career trajectory.But, with the world of journalism ever-evolving, we can take solace in good news: you don’t have to major in journalism to become a journalist. In fact, as several of the more than a dozen journalists interviewed on Time4Coffee have shared, your experiences outside of the classroom, through extracurricular activities and internships, can also equip you with sufficient knowledge, skills and tools to break into this competitive field.Spencer Bokat-Lindell, associate editor at Axios, an information news outlet founded by a team of Politico employees in 2016, is a journalist whose career quest proves that there’s no black-and-white way to kickstart a career in journalism. As it turns out, Spencer had an early interest in journalism, but only as an extracurricular activity, when he wrote for his hometown publication Montclair Magazine in high school and went on to serve as managing editor for Yale’s The New Journal.Spencer graduated in 2017 from Yale University, where he initially declared a major in chemistry and later switched to French. With a slew of diverse interests, Spencer dipped his toes into many fields, including spending the summer after his freshman year as a prep cook for fine-dining restaurant Colicchio & Sons, he shared in Time4Coffe episode #34.
Maybe it’s the story-teller in me, or maybe it’s the 10 year old still inside me who made a website to save polar bears screaming to get out again, but sitting in that interview room with Raj Kumar, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Devex, made me want to stop everything I’m doing and just …save read more>>>

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